Every Day

They are scrolling. Looking for a story that makes them stop.  Marketers have 3 seconds tops... in which to make them notice.  How best to do it?


They are Looking

- 53% engage with a brand after watching a video.

- 65% use YouTube to help them solve a problem. 

- Social media posts with video have 48% more views.


At Videos

Todays consumer expects to receive video content from their favorite brands. Video is proven to keep viewers engaged longer than any other type of content. Video and live-streaming are taking center stage in 2020.  Is your brand ready?

What We Do

Story-Based Content Marketing

We create interactive and personalized website and social media experiences that inform, spark interest and convert visitors. We Increase engagement with measurable performance analytics and clear results.  

With an Analytical Approach

We are data-driven nerds. We lean into facts like Google now ranking web pages based on the merits of that page in relation to the keyword search. That is where we start.

We Have an Eagerness to Invent

John Rosenblatt


John has been creating social media since before it was called social media. As the original Director of Photography of Saturday Night Live’s Digital Shorts, John shot some of the first viral videos including Dick in a Box, Mother Lover and MacGruber. While working at Facebook, John gained deep experience using FB Manger tools to effectively target and engage audiences on the platform. John now works directly with brands developing and executing social media marketing strategy that consistently engages.

George Barnes


George is a director and creative at the forefront of branded content. As a pioneer and active participant in the marketing abilities of Live, he has developed a unique, advanced multi-camera approach to the medium. George has spent the last 7 years learning the intricacies each social platform.  His work stands out for its quality, which has helped major brands to create video content that consistently deliver high-performing metrics and engagement numbers that are too big to ignore.